Win a copy of Itinéraire en Provence : Haut-Var, Verdon, Ubaye

by Susan Knapp

Beautiful things are lovely to own, and this little book is certainly a gem. Essentially seventy six wonderful ‘postcards’ created by artist Susan of the Haut-Var, Verdon, Ubaye region. This is a beautiful work of art, each page has been lovingly designed by the author, for whom they are a celebration of beautiful days, discoveries and happy memories.

However, this is not just a lovely book to own, it is also a perfect way to acquire a real feel for the region. Whether you love the architecture, flora and fauna, its wonderful fresh produce, local customs and history, sports or pastimes. Full circle through the year it is possible to become immersed in the pages. As you browse through you can imagine you hear the goat bells in spring as they feed on the flower meadows, smell the lavender flowers as the bees buzz round them in summer, enjoy the wonderful autumn colours and rustling leaves of the forests, or join the skiing crowd in the mountains amongst the snow in winter.

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