Win a copy of Le Mot Juste

by Imogen Fortes

Le Mot Juste: How to Impress Tout le Monde with Your French

A tiny but fabulous book of words – French words. The sort of words that roll of the tongue and sound delicious, romantic and so… well French!

Imogen Fortes has pulled together a list of fabulous French words that are used in every day conversation but which are classic and have oodles of charm.

It’s a miniature celebration of French language. This entrancing dictionary focuses on 150 key phrases and terms – presenting the best of timeless French vocabulary. There are some elegant illustrations throughout and quotes from literary giants and artists such as Matisse. Snippets of information explain some of the expressions and there’s help on how to pronounce the words properly. But it’s the words themselves that are the star of this show.

So, don’t make a faux pas, voulez-vous an explanation of the best of French mots – then this book is for you. 

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