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 a story of the Cathars, their history, their lives, their mysteries

'Montségur: a novel' by Caherine de Courcy, reveals sacred practices of the Christians on Montségur and shines a light on the personal stone carried by all believers. It suggests a new angle on events including what happened at Avignonet in 1242. And it identifies the real treasure taken off by the four men during the truce prior to the final surrender.
A story of that captures the essence of the Cathar community on Montségur before the siege of 1243-44.
Southern France, 1236: Esme, a carefree forest child, is caught up in the early days of the Inquisition. Her beloved foster brother, Raimond, is taken into service by the inquisitor, Friar Pierre Tiqué. Frantic, Esme follows them. Her tortuous journey takes her to Carcassonne, Foix and eventually to Montségur. There she is drawn into the simple life on top of the mountain. As she learns more about their ways and practices, she develops a deeper understanding of the community’s connection to the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. When the armies of the Roman church surround Montségur, Esme finds wisdom and strength as the intentions of the besiegers become clear. 

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