Win a copy of My Good Life in France With Paris Chanson

by Janine Marsh

Sometimes the oddest things happen when you least expect them - like going to buy a bottle of French wine...

On a day trip to buy wine for her dad Janine Marsh somehow ended up buying a bargain basement barn in the middle of nowhere which was neither planned or expected – and yes most women buy handbags or shoes on a whim not a whole house with a sheep in the garden! This house though, cost less than some of the very fancy bags you can find in France...

Find out how Janine earned the nickname Madame Merde and managed to become the Dr Doolittle of the village and acquire 50 animals.

Discover what life is like with neighbours who have their own ways and traditions, sometimes even their own language and are at times a bit bonkers.

Renovating a house with just one wood fire, no real rooms, dirt floors and skeletons in the cupboard - literally - is an adventure that for a townie from London, was rather unexpected.

It's a love story and the tale of one woman's journey from city life to rural bliss - at least that was the plan...

Read about Janine’s roller coaster ride to living the good life in the rural French countryside of northern France.

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