Win a copy of My Good Life in France.

by Janine Marsh

On a grey and dismal February day, Janine Marsh went on a day trip to France to buy wine for her dad. She somehow ended up buying a bargain basement barn in the middle of nowhere which was neither planned or expected. This house though cost less than some of the very fancy handbags you can find in France…
It’s a love story and the tale of one woman’s journey from city life to rural bliss – at least that was the plan…
Getting to grips with the locals and renovating the dilapidated barn, which lacked heating or proper rooms, with little money and less of a clue, she started to realize there was more to her new home than she ever imagined. A story that is warm, uplifting and effervescent (like a glass of your favourite champagne), Janine’s voice and humour bubbles right off the page. These are the true tales of her roller coaster ride through a different culture – one that, to a Brit, was in turns surprising, charming and not the least bit baffling

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