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by Guy Hibbert

The unique sights, smells and sounds of the famous city are the luminous backdrop to eleven tales whose colourful characters are lured to the City of Light and Love, like moths to a flame. A young waiter leaves the French countryside in search of fame and fortune. A single woman leaves her home country behind in a last chance search for meaning and love. In German occupied Paris an officer is lodged in the house of a defiant young Frenchwoman. The extravagance and glamour of café society masks the fate of a Texan heiress. In a sweeping time-span from the bohemian 1920's and 30's, through the traumatic war years, the new dawn of the 1950’s and 60’s, right up to current day; these are stories of yearning and longing where hopes and dreams are kindled by the powerful mystique of Paris. And within each story is a simple postcard which may have dramatic consequences.

Guy Hibbert’s writing is a delectable feast.

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